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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing store

and other games of pure imagination.

 Had Kendall and Joshua for a short visit this morning while their mom went to the gym and then to awards day at Ryan's school.

 I bought a red dress complete with all accessories (hat, shoes, gloves) a shirt for my husband 
( a 'large" from the "husband department") as well as toys for my kid' should all cost about $7. And while I shopped I snacked on "popcorn" that Josh made by crumpling up bits of paper into tiny balls.

We read for the millionth time my all time favorite golden book  The Color Kittens (or color cats as Josh insists) and  I was amazed that they can both quote verbatim the little as cat's eyes, green as grass by streams of water green as as an orange tree, orange as a bumblebee, orange as the setting sun sinking slowly in the sea. I love kid's books that inspire poetic use of language and the kids always seem to as well. They ask for those books again and again.

Then of course the sofa took turns being a boat, a car, an airplane. 

All this play and we haven't picked up a single toy or game.

Where did the days go when kids played with cardboard boxes and their imaginations? I don't think I could keep them away from the TV or their DS or Wii for a whole day but a couple of hours at Grammy's...yes. That works.

Ryan spent the night on Monday and we did crafts and played cards.  

I am so glad to have these kids back!!!


hwf said...

Let's see, granddaughter number one, the original drool queen, comes with laptop and a list of contacts.

Granddaughter number two, the younger, two in July, just crawls as if her life depends on it. She walks with hand-holds, as though each piece of furniture is a walker...Sorry, Carol and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this evening.

Now, as for the DVD's -- you send me N'awlins, I'll send you Europe and Florida.


qeng said...

Hi Judy!!!!! It is Qeng/Chris!!!

qeng said...

My email is still What is yours???

Judy said...

Hi Chris!
Glad to see you again. and hear about Andy it Elizabeth? I seem to have forgotten your daughter's name. ;( I really miss the old Yahoo Book's and Lit days. My email shows up here but I will send you one for reply.