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Friday, June 12, 2009

A voice from the great beyond

This just in... an old friend, Will Sheldon, just emailed me .
Rus, you will probably remember him from Utne.

BTW it is awful that that place fold in like it did. Mind I say "folded in" since it is still there but so totally different that I don't even recognize it. All the fun poetry forms are gone. No live poetry contest on Saturdays. No names I even recognize. Oh well.

I invited Will to visit here and post some work. I hope he will. I miss him.


Rus Bowden said...

Good morning, Judy.

Will Sheldon is a terrific guy. I haven't heard from him in a few years. It's good to know he's still out there. He's certainly welcome over at babilu.


Judy said...

Ihad another email from him today. He said he lurked and read here but could not comment without making an account and he wasn't sure he want to. I wlll give him the link to Babilu. He agreed with me that it is a crime what has happened to Utne.