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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beach after Ike

Went out to High Island with Amy, Ken and kids on weekend. Soooooo  strange to see dunes gone and beach skirting the road. Terrible what nature can do. Ike was a real monster. 

Walking the sand. kicking at tangles
of slimy seaweed,
my plastic grocery bag in hand
scouting as always for bits of shells-

I feel like an archaeologist
of recent history 
uncovering strange treasures
not so long decayed

A high-heeled red shoe, ratty toothbrush,
baby blocks gnarled by surf
all the debris of daily life swept

in the banks of asphalt
where years ago another storm 
took out Highway 87

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Rus Bowden said...

HI Judy,

Good one!