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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Way back in the day, I used to chat in the old Yahoo rooms. Met a lot of people that way...some of whom I got really close to. I have lost touch with most of them now. One in particular was a young man... a philosophy major at University of Toronto. We got into a long email philosophy some books together...the whole nine yards but all in fun. I have no background in philosophy only a wealth of opinions. I even met him in person once when Ernie and I were on a fall leaf-peeper trip and decided to veer on up into Canada. 
Anyway, we continued to email until ,in his first year of grad school , he got way too busy to worry with chat and chatty emails. Time has a way of flying by. That was about nine years ago.
Last night on a whim I googled his name and got a wealth of hits! He now has a PhD and is teaching in BC. I emailed and got an email back......Amazing!

What did we ever do before the internet?


Peter Garner said...

I don't know, Judy. I've met so many cool people over the years. The world is getting smaller and smaller. I wonder what we'll say about the Internet in 50 years?

So great to see your words again.

Judy said...

Yes, and so many kids growing up now never knew a world without computers and cell phones and digital cameras.
Hell, I can remember when the microwave oven was something brand
Got to be a poem in there somewhere.

Aisha said...

It's very good on a lazy Sunday to have the Internet and old friends at your fingertips
(says the woman who deleted her facebook profile -- but that's differnet Internet, I mean different Interent...?) Anyway: that's Emily Dickinson public like a frog.