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Monday, May 18, 2009

back to blogging

Here I am again.
i know I promised to come in once a day ....but I have not been loyal.

 Thought for today : I now need 3 pairs of glasses to do what I once could with my naked eyes. What a strange phrase "naked eye". I clothe mine in "progressive lens" that have ceased to progress, reading glasses bought at Walmart, and prescription sunglasses for driving. This is ridiculous. On any given day I spend at least 25 minutes trying to find the right pair. Why does nature do this to us at just the point when memory also gets muddled and it turns out that the reading glasses are in Ernie's bedside drawer?????I have no explanation that I care to discuss for that one.

Hope the rest of you are doing okay. Have a good one,



Rus Bowden said...

HI Judy,

Nice to see you back blogging!
Let me get my glasses . . . Nice pic too.


Judy said...

The pic is from New Orleans...and yeah I still have all your DVD's...addressed and ready to mail. Somebody fix my brain, please.