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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Geez this blog has gotten complicated. Twice now it has made me reset my password to get in.

Anyway. Trying to jumpkick my brain. My language is getting vague and poetry is hiding from me. I decided to read some stuff I had started and never finished.Some of it was interesting but I had no idea where to take  it next. This seems done. I only changed a few words and some weird enjambment.Anyone got any thoughts? No idea of a title

When we left 

time folded up the town,

stored it away 

in some dusty drawer.

I never doubted

the population logged  off 

with a sigh of relief 

they no longer 

had to keep up the pretense.

An artist 

at an easel had painted

cloud-streaked sky,

quaint shops,

rural landscapes.

Only our stepping

through the canvas

gave the image


It was a brief reality.

Today I crossed the street,

peered at window displays that seemed


 I drove the short three miles 

to pasturelands where cows 

moved slow motion 

across sweet grass.

I couldn’t believe

a world went on without us--

without you beside me

studying a road map, 

calling out the names 

of towns like this 

with histories 

that only had a present life

as long as we were there.


Aisha said...


My comment.

I have read it in a previous life, haven't I: but this is revised and improved.

I especially love the opening.
How's that for a crit that would not pass muster on the PFFA?

Lous group said...

What a very lovely poem. Thanks to you...

Judy said...

Hello and thank you. Judy