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Thursday, May 21, 2009

my anniversary

38 years of happy marriage today! Worth a word in here I should think. 38 years doesn't come without changes and accomodations. Days of boredom and days of joy. I am definitely not the woman he married and he is not the man I first loved. The secret is to keep falling in love with the new person. This is an old one. 

Marriage Medicine

Choose nothing so resolute as elixir #7

that knows its place 

on the shelf, extracts fresh pain

when administered before

coffee.  When fitted pieces

fail to accomodate new shapes,

sudden outcrops

of bewitchy behavior, 

delight switching to discomfort,

the time has arrived for

drastic measures. Take one large

spoon of crushed conformity

guaranteed to freshly fascinate,

jog in place stammering “adapt, adapt”--

the antedote for the untimely season

of growing apart in union.


Aisha said...

Happy Anniversary!
Last time I saw you two -- too long ago -- it was clear that anniversaries were bound to pile up, more interesting every year. I still claim it's luck, though -- two naturals making life fascinating together -- no skill to it at all :-)

Envious in Oslo.

Rus Bowden said...

Happy Anniversary! (almost a week late)