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Sunday, July 04, 2010

What language is this???

I have been searching the internet for inspiration for garden poems and came on this article about gardening to attract butterflies. While there is good information the language is strange.... rather like someone fed it into an English translator. I especially love the phrases "magnetize butterflies", "brightly painted plants", "crave to consider", "ceiling flowers" and "the chubby weight of the sun."


Jennifer said...

the first paragraph gave me a headache! Yes, it does seem it was just filtered through an english translator. I like that I should "make surefire that there is a font of water near to keep the butterflies well hydrated." And always remember, "it wouldn't make brains to invite butterflies to your garden only to wound them through the nourishment they meet while paying your summer garden a stay." Ack! I'm DYING here!

Judy Clem said...