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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Getting silly with those phrases

I assume you followed the butterfly link. If so you will understand this silliness... if not, well........

To Interest a Butterfly

The childish and the old alike 
may crave to consider a butterfly’s flight

Its very little lifespan among ceiling flowers,
the water and nectar, the light it devours

Cool types of gardens won’t offer such fun
as it finds in the chubby weight of the sun

With fanfare and flourish, these tiny insects
are drawn like a magnet to gorgeous effects
It loves sour fruit, it worships the heat
Does it make brains to pollute where they eat?

Whatever you cultivate, keep slightly wild
for the joy of a butterfly or delight of a child


Jennifer said...

haha! I LOVE it! Great job!

Judy Clem said...

Thanks. Those translatosr can really find the chinks in a language.