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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Glass Garden posted the art piece "Gardens of Glass" created from images taken in Phoenix a few years ago. 
This link will give you background on the glass artist Dale Chihuly whose work was exhibited there in the botanical gardens.

Glass Gardens
Jewel branches
ice rose, cold blue, rainbow ribbons
Chihuly’s blown flowers,
moving rivers,
iridescent spheres
It’s simply artful
in the sleepy desert sun
There among green-gray
spikes on yucca,
the perfect glass trail 
winds through pebbled paths
Always dry,the landscape 
dreams of grass, fantasizes gardens
as cool as water
even in India-hot swelter
But sunset and moonfall,
darkness rising,
twinkle lights awaken like fireflies
to a collective gasp of wonder
It’s poetry for free

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