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Sunday, April 04, 2010

April 4 : poem 1

 It’s rather like this:
You learn to ride a bike with trainer wheels.
It’s just a larger version of a tricycle 
and you aren’t allowed
to take it into the street.
You peddle up and down the driveway
determined to master
the art of balance.
Some kids younger than you
have already learned
and now seek 
to undermine your confidence,
fill your ears with taunts and chants.
You must field their insults
with composure
while trying not to crash.
It is the stuff of childhood.
Someone said 
‘you must walk before you can run’
but more importantly
you must first sweep the drive
with the maddening clatter of trainers.
You must tread water in the shallow end of the pool
wearing water wings,
endure the embarrassment of  a booster chair.
No one jumps on their two-wheeler
and glides smoothly ‘round the block
on the first try. 
You scrape your knee,
you get back on,
you scrape your knee again.
The distress that arises from forgetting
that simple lesson
can steal your equilibrium.
make you fall flat.
It’s rather like this:
Trainers are there for a  reason.
You may not like it but pace yourself. 

Sooner or later
everyone learns to ride a bike.


Jennifer said...

love it! I'm impressed with your "poem a day"... wow... I can't even come up with a blog post a day!

Judy Clem said...

April is poetry month. It is an annual challenge. I never succeed.