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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 17: stopped counting :(

Sleep Patterns
One corner folded back
in a neat triangle, I insert
myself snugly into one quarter
of the bed and sleep unmoved
In the morning
the sheets are smooth except
for a ripple roughly my shape
How different from the way
we populate the mattress
Then no amount of space
 is enough to uncoil our nightly traffic,
the sweet sleepwalk of our limbs
ever-expanding like Hawking’s universe
I twist, you sprawl out
prospecting for new territory
The rails groan, call out for mercy
You lock me
in a sweaty embrace and snore 
blissfully into my neck
I’ve been known to kick, 
to disrobe my pillow
I simply fold the triangle back,
turn up the spread
already smooth across the foot of the bed
and my morning chore is done

I sleep unmoved

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