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Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10: poem 4

I hate trying to be something,
trying to say something.
It’s like breaking the petals off all the roses
to try to rebuild a perfect rose.
Like trying to hold water
in your palms or smoke in your mouth.
I am not exceptional.
I can read a book in about six hours.
I know all the words of Hamlet’s soliloquy.
That’s about it.
What I am
is nothing I will ever be famous for.
History favors the brilliant and a surprising amount of rubbish 
lurks about the hollow spaces of my brain.
I could dramatize-
invent a few weird ancestors perhaps.
But I don’t think it is worth destroying
my blighted roses to create one that isn’t alive.
Most mornings you will find me
with my coffee at the computer
just tapping out the nonsense of my life.


hwf said...

Really good to see you writing again. You write poetry so very well.

Judy Clem said...

Helm , it is good to see you! I miss ya'll so much!
Karen add pointed me in the direction of a place called the"Poetry Free for All" I spent a week making hopefully helpful crits on a variety of poems and being slightly shocked at the whole tone of the place. Then I posted a poem and got kicked in the chops for my trouble. LOL
I can not understand the need some people have to be insulting. Does it make them feel more important or what?