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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Title before the Poem/Egg before the Chicken???

I have this unfortunate talent for discovering a title before I can fully imagine the poem that goes with it. I woke up yesterday with such a title and ever since have been trying to come up with an opening line. Anyone else have this problem? Or am I uniquely insane?


Anonymous said...

Uh oh :-) What if you write the poem and it turns out the title doesn't exactly fit anymore? Then you'll have to re-title it and write another poem. I think that's what happens to artists who paint almost the same picture over and over. I think you're very lucky to find a theme/title you want to illustrate. Can't wait to read it.


hwf said...

I usually can find the poem. It's the title which escapes me. For the most part, I put in place-holders until my imagination for titles catches up with my imagination for poems.


Karen said...

I get first lines. Then I have to figure out what on earth I'm going to do with that! Titles come last -- and hardet.