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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Loved this One

I loved this. Funny and yet also beautiful.

been breathing too many fumes running after the poetry bus


Lydia said...

Judy, I am truly honored that you linked a poem of mine here at your blog! You just made my day, really.

It is interesting how you have to move around with the mouse to find the link; I kept clicking on the title--to no avail. :)

Have you joined The Poetry Bus? I haven't looked at this week's prompt. It is "driven" by a different person each week but hosted by the guy who writes this blog. He has a list of who has the prompt at his sidebar. However, this week there isn't a link. It appears that the topic is the school bus, as he has a poem on that topic and I've seen some others at member blogs.
(waay too much info if you already know about all this!)
Thank you again so much. Hope to see you on the bus.

Lydia said...

Me again, Judy. I apologize if you already know this...just found the link to this week's Poetry Bus driver, who is a woman named Karen. The link is HERE.

The Poetry Bus "host" whose link I gave you in my earlier comment did indeed have her prompt mentioned along with a link, but it is a couple of posts down from the current one and I had missed it when I commented earlier.

Thank you for following my blog! I really look forward to spending time over here at yours.