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Sunday, March 21, 2010

An old one:Scenic Routes

Scenic Routes
The children’s teary-eyed complaints       
        Are we lost?
you meet head on
        No, we’re together.
By now I’ve learned that every journey 
includes its share of scenic routes.
Picturesque detours through parking lots,
dead-end alleys.
Sometimes we actually leave the map,
drive across grass,
bumping our way back to where we were.
You drag us on illegal
hikes through construction sites,
daring acts of trespass,
choose sudden, unmarked roads
that turn into footpaths, end
at a stranger’s decrepit barn, populated 
by bats instead of cows.
Wading into rapid streams,
you roll rocks up waterfalls- 
snapshots made without a camera.
Adventure is often a mistaken turn
where blinding views leap up
to hit us right between the eyes.
The unexpected joy of finding 
what we never knew we’d missed.
Are we lost?
        No, we’re on the scenic route.

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Jennifer said...

I really love this one!