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Friday, March 05, 2010

New and old friends.

Just found Michael Snider on Facebook. Remember him from Utne? I also found my college roommate and an old friend from yahoo chat days who we once visited in Montana.

Anyone got suggestions for poetry and/or photography blogs? Have been cruising around a bit and find an occasional interesting site to comment on.


Missy said...

Judy, I left a message for you on Jak's blog. Elodie Pritchartt has a wonderful blog called Elodie's Muse

You may know her as "cat" from old Utne days. She's publishing photos and articles and poems and she's so very good.

Sherry King

Judy said...

Thanks! Yes I remember Cat. I sure miss Utne and the people that used to write there. i am glad I found Jak's blog.