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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Might give you an idea ......

The Word That Got Away

And I stand there

abandoned by my own vocabulary.

People get twitchy,

embarrassed for me , no doubt.

They imagine

I’m humiliated by this betrayal.

But what I feel

is more akin to grief.

I knew that word well.

We were old friends.

If it’s escaped me,

surely it is only a vacation, not divorce.

My fear is that

it has been waylayed by strangers,

kidnapped, stuffed in a trunk,

sunk in the ocean, forgotten.

And I stand there

holding a big bag of money

waiting for the ransom note

or a dictionary.

1 comment:

C. said...

Hi Jude,

"And I stand there
holding a big bag of money"

is a funny image and it really shows the old adage: long as you've got your health.