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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Invisible Geometry

The challenge is to construct a square

without drawing any lines.

The squares are already there

and the circles, rectangles, octagons--

it’s only that we don’t see them.

We see a blank wall, an empty screen, a clean page.

But nothing is ever truly blank, empty or clean.

Everything is cluttered

with invisible points, pulsating

like an electronic connect-the-dots game.

Chaos has its own pencil, is busy

making lines all over our paper.

But if we visualize a line from A to B

to C to D with each journey of equal length

and significance,

we can form a square,

give it concrete shape, at least

in our own minds.

The trick is believing

trusting the possible connections,

the geometry they bring to life

in a world where all things are possible.

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