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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Facts about Daisies

Facts about Daisies 

In Scotland
a man there could be taxed if he had 
too many growing in his fields 

They grow wild
and can cover whole meadows, 
are often considered weeds 

How many are too many daisies?

They are called the eyes of day 
and indeed grow best in sunlight, 
a perennial returning year after year 

Blooming in the summer months, 
over 200 types of them: 
Africans, Shastas, Brown-eyed Susans and more 

Some people eat their leaves in a salad 
or brew herbal tea that is said to be medicinal 
Many animals eat daisies
 though not pigs 

Children make daisy chains, girls pluck their petals 
“He loves me , he loves me not” as if daisies knew 

Legend says their numbers could predict 
how long it would be till a maiden wed 

After 39 years its seed might still grow

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