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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Found poetry project/ the Guardian

Wife 350

What are numbers? Just numbers.

Hamilton was a poet
And Simone re-imagined poets as poems.
There were many types:
Formal poems, odd poems, happy poems.
Run loose poems,
Seriously rich poems.

She saw his work as a fancy game:
Scrambling words into breaks,
making prose more like music,
considering his own idea a breakthrough
but really just making Scottish of a Latin text.

Still Simone understood the basic rules.
Poetry was supposed to remake the ordinary.
His poems were just strange.

For his part,
Hamilton found her kind in the start,
but literally third best at scrambled eggs.

They never discussed the controversial recipe,
unearthed from a book of original slave documents.
It involved taking a collage of ingredients from the fridge,
mixing in concrete,
adding tasty bits only with the lefthand
and pouring over cereal.

He wolfed it down
then had to call the doctor.

And she cut up his newspaper.

In the fourth month.
after a bad night of writing,
he saw a boat,
went fishing, 
left a note (often written for a break-up)

What are numbers?
Perhaps he might do better
with wife 350

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