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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Without Us

When we left 
time folded up the town,
stored it away 
in some dusty drawer.
I never doubted
the population logged  off 
with a sigh of relief 
they no longer 
had to keep up the pretense.
An artist 
at an easel had painted
cloud-streaked sky,
quaint shops,
rural landscapes.
Only our stepping
through the canvas
gave the image
It was a brief reality.
Today I crossed the street,
peered at window displays that seemed
 I drove the short three miles 
to pasturelands where cows 
moved slow motion 
across sweet grass.
I couldn’t believe
a world went on without us--
without you beside me
studying a road map, 
calling out the names 
of towns like this 
with histories 
that only had a present life
as long as we were there.

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Jennifer said...

funny how we only live in the present day and tense sometimes, forgetting who and what came before us and who and what will carry on after we are gone. I've been struggling with this a lot lately- missing my grandmother who died in 1990 prematurely and craving the wisdom I know she would be able to impart on me if she were here today. But, I realize I AM her.. her blood runs through my veins and will continue on through my children and their children.