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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birds in the Windy Sky

Quote from Kendall, age 6 :" Grammy, the birds are having trouble flying!"

Storm  arrives suddenly
 (moon sliver clutches blue corner of sky
birds are finding it’s hard to fly)
Trees fill with refugees
(robins and sparrows and jays unite
on limber branches, halted in flight)

Manic music shakes the air
(twittery,feathery protests abound,
crashing and barking and wind chimes resound)
Sky styles its head of hair
(pure white then gray and finally black,
puffy then choppy till wetly pulled back)
Thunder grumbles like a train  
(lightning licks darkness, shadows the ground
fright incites singing, a riot of sound)
Feather coats repel the rain
(braver birds battle the wind and move on
before the clouds rain out, ghost moon is gone)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


A Place Near Water: for my Captiva friends

A Place Near Water
I shared the desert’s dusty breath
all winter and into spring,
Now the air’s grown cirrus-thin,
without even the grit for tears
or smoke enough
to tease a cough from my lungs
I long for that place 
deep under the trees
where leopard light dances
on moist leaf beds,
where pavement-worn sandals
can sail the grass,
and rising fog rains rivers of mist
to catch like snowflakes on my tongue,
where moments before sunset
ruby refections spiral out
from a pebble toss 
and every sound is a whisper:
that  place.

There was a river or a lake
or a sea

Workshopping and Rewrites

I mentioned in my email to Rus how much I miss NevadaChat. That was such a rich experience. There we were: none of us in Nevada, spread all over the world, speaking a variety of first-languages  and yet meeting up at least once a day to post and workshop and exchange news about our lives. I value all of your friendship so much and really miss that connection!!!

I have visited The Town and Babilu recently and have found a couple of old friends but others seem lost. Where are you, Shisa??? And Paula? How about Randy Adams? Rus, have you heard from Peter Desmond? Has anyone a clue where Chris Tozier is, or Barbara or Silva or Fei?

Over at Babilu, Brenda gave me some great thoughts on my clock-Watching poem . I am going to do some rewriting and repost in a couple of days. I need workshopping. My mind is as dry as the Nevada desert.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

anonymous posters

Who are these people and what do they want????
 I don't speak Chinese and when they post in English their comments make no sense. (Judy looks around the room and wonders who is hiding in the closet)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shelfari widget

I've added a widget for Shelfari where I am starting a reading list.

Sunset Fountain

Wind and Rain

Water weeping from the sky
settles dust 
and though newly cut,
blades lift up,
        gently blowing grass
Rain isn’t always storm
nor windy weather, hurricane
Sometimes a ghost moon
lingers into day, 
its shape a shadow 
against the sky
        just whispering
Darkness isn’t always blind
nor daylight empty of stars

The heart’s shaped chambers
open and close,
a living muscle
and muscle requires living,
        struggle not languor 
Not every seed becomes a fruit
nor every planter, a gardener

Wind and Rain : a poem to follow

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drawing Blood

This won’t hurt a bit, they tell you
as they strangle your arm 
with a rubber tourniquet,
 begin slapping your flesh
to raise a vein.
The needle is small, as if to say 
Don’t fear my bite 
but I always look away at that point
I know it will burn, 
know they will likely withdraw,
stick again,
It’s like that
Don’t be fooled by cliche promises
Eat your vegetables and you’ll grow up tall.
study hard and you’ll succeed,
cheaters never win
Why can’t they tell you
you’ll be a pint low after this
but don’t worry
there’s more blood where this came from

Clock Watching

The clicking of time
            snapshots, thought
the mind unable,
the heart unwilling
water holds images upside down
desperate surrealism
skinny rain,
August’s hot shoulders
the reality of form
where I have paper to feel the lines
monkey ideas
moon-written,  always dry
wiry fences encircling
the great impossible

Blue abstract

girl with shell

Friday, June 04, 2010


Well I am back from 6 back and hip injections and a full afternoon of napping.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Long Needles

Tomorrow morning I have to get back injections. Ouch! But perhaps it will get rid of this awful pain. I have PLANS for June!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I have been rereading some old poems. I rarely write in rhyme anymore. I guess I came to realize how difficult it is to  do it really well. But even some of the imperfect rhymes do have some musicality. At least I didn't give in to moon/june rhymes. I think I actually like this one. Enough to play with the line breaks and try to get a more interesting effect.


Eyes the green of ferning summer
newly gladed, wetted deep

The look, a book for learning summer
hooded with the glaze of sleep

Beside me now, stealthy silence
sings more clearly than a lark

Remembered rain, in compliance
stays behind us in the dark

I wintered in your absent passion,
hibernated from the snow

surviving skinny on lean rations
waiting for the winds to blow

dandelions across green landscapes,
for ice to sparkle , melting slick

for leafless forests to display shapes
flagging from their branches thick

Good morning , Love

I think it's summer
Sunlight's set the room ablaze

Across the bed its long arms lumber,
tangle into our embrace

Summer eyes so greenly burning,
their angle falling to my breast,

arrest all thoughts

The day is turning
heavy with its heated breath

One more....

What was a cool building with some interesting architecture evolves into an abstract piece of art. I just love playing with lines and color!

line drawing 3

line drawing 2

line drawing 1