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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birds in the Windy Sky

Quote from Kendall, age 6 :" Grammy, the birds are having trouble flying!"

Storm  arrives suddenly
 (moon sliver clutches blue corner of sky
birds are finding it’s hard to fly)
Trees fill with refugees
(robins and sparrows and jays unite
on limber branches, halted in flight)

Manic music shakes the air
(twittery,feathery protests abound,
crashing and barking and wind chimes resound)
Sky styles its head of hair
(pure white then gray and finally black,
puffy then choppy till wetly pulled back)
Thunder grumbles like a train  
(lightning licks darkness, shadows the ground
fright incites singing, a riot of sound)
Feather coats repel the rain
(braver birds battle the wind and move on
before the clouds rain out, ghost moon is gone)

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