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Monday, December 27, 2010

For my friend Randy response to his poem Tears

Happiness and sanity are an impossible combination
                                                  Mark Twain
What troubles me most
is the sheer number of sane people
crouched under their umbrellas

unable to take the leap off the pier
absolutely certain disaster lurks there

when it is the insane leap of faith
that brings about positive change
one miracle at a time:
After reading about a Chicago toddler
who needed a new kidney 
to overcome a rare birth defect, 
a stranger donates one of his organs
saving the boys life
A French inventor develops
a car that runs on thin air
Petitions from women around the world
stop the stoning of a woman in Iran
Parents of a student volunteer
killed in the Haitian earthquake
build an orphanage in her honor
An anonymous woman 
drops a diamond ring in a Salvation Army kettle
Three graduate students at Rutgers
found “Giving What We Can”
and pledge to donate 10% of their incomes
to relieve suffering in the world
A five year old with a terminal disease 
spends his own allowance money
to buy Christmas toys 
for Children’s Medical Center in Ohio
An Australian mother’s embrace
revives her stillborn baby
after doctors have pronounced him dead
On land poisoned by toxins
of  a long-gone manufacturing era
more than 6500 solar panels face the south sky
ready to deliver power to New England
An off duty Colorado state trooper
pulls a boy from a frozen pond
A Christian Church and an Islamic Center in Memphis
share friendship, practicing the tenets of their faith
No sane person would believe these stories
because he sees what he is conditioned to see
He has his hat drawn down
to block out the sun he is sure will give him cancer
Don’t be accused of being sane, my friend
Take the leap

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