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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coloring Memory

If I ever have a son, 
I*ll tell him the sky was denim,
stone washed blue, a hand like suede.
An indelible image.
Light filtered through rustling leaves
like some delicate open fabric,
made lace shadows on the grass.

If there was rain
it arose without cause.
Clouds were auras around the sun.
Puddles were dazzling, liquid fire.
Along the water*s edge
purple irises never lost their graceful bearing.

You can call me muddy and confused.
If our stories diverge,
you can say I*m misremembering.

The day was turbid, brown.
An unfriendly wind bent
the line of blooms in different directions.

For years you pored over
the book of purposes only to conclude
that gray gloom entrenched that day
never to release its grip.

So be it.

Remembered or recast,
I*ll retain my belief in denim sky.


Lydia said...

This poem gave me goosebumps. It is dreaming of that "denim sky."

Judy Clem said...

Thanks Lydia!
I always imagine the speaker here is a man. And some people are thrown by that. I am glad you enjoyed it.

hwf said...

I'm not thrown by the gender of the narrator, either male or female.

Memory is a strange's like tracking the footprints of a changeling soul.

I very much enjoyed this moody piece.

Judy Clem said...

Thanks, Helm. Good to see you.

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