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Friday, February 23, 2007

Talking to myself

I had abandoned this site. But I think I need a spot to talk to myself. If anyone of you guys is still checking in on me Hi. I haven't written a word in almost 2 years now. It is a deathtrap. Write or forget how. So I am just going to use this place as my own little thinking out loud spot. See if I can get motivated again.

Usually my poetry comes from somewhere. Something I see or hear or read. In the past 2 years I have felt overwhelmed. Busy with work in a new creative way that just about sucks all the originality out of me.......worried to death over J and his illness......dumstruck by the destructive force of Rita and the mess it made of our lives. Along the way I have sat down...typed a couple of lines, frowned and hit DELETE. Nothing has sounded right to my ear or my heart.

Well, anyway. I am going to try to put a little something in here each day. An observation, a joke, whatever...try to jumpstart my brain.


Aisha said...

Just decided to check and put your link back in my blog if any activities (or regardless-- oyu belong there.)

Nice to see oyu, poet friend!!


Rus Bowden said...


Judy said...

Talking to myself is where things are actually. J hasn't spoken in 4 days...leaving E and I wondering if the hospital looms in our near future ...again....and how we will manage it. As the years go by it becomes harder and harder to deal with this stuff. What happens when we aren't here anymore? A 57 year old woman should not be thinking so much about death....but there it is.

What a morbid post.

Anonymous said...
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Aisha said...

A good reason to hang in there then!! ... :)
until we come to see oyu... provided oyu promise NO hurricanes.

My mails to the group keep bouncing -- but I'm here, still game for that January Lofoten experience when oyu're ready.