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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ivan the Terrible..part 2

It seems Ivan made his distructive way through Alabama....began his decline as a tropical storm ..and now has turned around and is heading back at us. they ae predicting a tropical storm landfall around Galveston early tomorrow. Right around the time we are supposed to fly out of Houston for Hawaii.......could make for flight delays at very least. How is this even possible? What are they making hurricanes out of these days?


Aisha said...

Vacuums and air rushing to fill them?


Or grenadine and rum.
But I really hope you egt away to Hawaii and those shellful beaches anyway.


Aisha said...

New kitchen, huh?
Lame excuse for no blogging.
In my case, a SMALL kitchen is an excuse for no COOKING:

Thanks for the funny comment in my blog :)