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Saturday, August 21, 2004

first blogging

Home after a week in New Orleans with very creative people that I love. Thinking about "real life" as Shi calls it. This morning when we talked about our lives as objects that could be picked up, turned at different angles and veiwed in various light. After a week in the big easy, things here definately look different....can't say better or worse. Thanks for the clue about "weblog".


jules said...

Well, thats heavy writing. Not like we'd do here in the UK, but ,kinda poetic eh? Love to go to New orleans one day. Good luck!

Aisha said...

Hi Judy ... and Jules, she IS a poet :)

The cemetery in New Orleans was covered in sea shells...some broken, some still whole.

What a place to reat: some blocks over from Bourbon Street jazz, under a silent seabed.


Judy said...

Shi, you are the poet......"under a silent seabed" ...way cool. way til I have a good look at all our pics...maybe a train of thought will emerge. Right now I am still on a jazz high.

Aisha said...

I am dyslextci:
It is Shisa not Aisha and I meant "a place to rest...not reat...oyu can't really reat in a cemetery.

Judy said...

Lost my post. Basically, I said you are the poet, aisha/shi......"under silent seabeds". Maybe looking at all our pics will give me an idea or 2. Right now I am still on a jazz high.

Judy said...

Glad you cleared that up Shi... I wasn't sure if "reat" was "write" or "eat"..LOL

Aisha said...

reat is that one activity you cant nail down...except with a coffin lid

Judy said...

So many beautiful sights on our recent trip and the most enduring image is that of a homeless man trying to sleep under a tree in the park on Jackson Square.
He kept calling out "go away" and then after a bit "thank you...thank you for going away". As if all the tourists were tramping through his living room. Of course I couldn't help but think how easy it would be for someone like him to arrive at this point....without the benefit of a family and support group.

We are building our son a little apartment. The goal is privacy ...for us but also for him. I hear that same "go away" but at least he will always sleep indoors as long as I am around.

Beginning of something?

Thank you for going away.

It gets harder and harder to find a bit of privacy
when you’re living rough
and sleeping under an oleander hedge.

New Orleans noontime foot traffic
through Jackson Square sounds
like a train wreck

and you can’t shut off the lights.
Of course you’re nocturnal and that’s normal--
no one really gets it.

Go away. Thank you for going away.

Judy said...

Other ideas rolling about: place names, a title. such interesting ones in New Orleans.Each cultures attempt to make a place its own. Just random thoughts, phrases, may lead somewhere.

Aisha said...

Thnak you for going away!

Is that passive-aggressive?
Not in his case.

Good title.

Oleander hedge! can't get over it: pot plants in Norway, hedges in the South.

I too have seeds for poems: the siamese cat under a datura tree watching a night-blue pool

and do you know what?
my mom tells me my father hated crocodiles when he lived in Africa. Their eyes above water, their loglike looks.
So it's in the genes! --



Aisha said...


Requesting another, possibly about photos, baby's feet, weddings in Rome...



Peter Garner said...

Wow, I can't believe I didn't think to click on your name in my blog responses. Doh! Hope you have the time to keep posting something here. I won't come to look TOO often. I promise ;-)))


paula said...

Hey I found you! ( thanks to Shisa)

Broken Shells! Ah, I recall your passion for them. Maybe you'll post some pics of your collection. I mean, you are such a good photographer and poet ( pics and poems in your chap are a great combo).
And the poem you posted in comments should be on the fron page!!!

Carol from Nevada said...

Dear Jude,

I was with you when we heard "Thank you for going away." But you heard more. You heard the cry and the poem. Thanks to you I heard it, too. But now one more thing. There are many places in this world to be homeless. I hope that man sometimes sees the beauty we saw that day. Surely his "Thank you" allows us to believe he does.


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