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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Gathering in the Animal Kingdom

A murder of crows
a shrewdness of apes
a romp of otters
a drift of pigs
a convocation of eagles
a colony of gulls
a party of jays
a parliament of owls
a gang of turkeys
an exaltation of larks
a bask of crocodiles
a nest of snakes
a business of flies
a cloud of gnats
a murmuration of starlings
a unkindness of ravens

a babble of fools
a hammer of hate-mongers
a trust of friends 
a gaggle of gossips
a logjam of bureaucrats
a confusion of witnesses
a pondering of philosophers
a count of survivors
a certainty of bigots 
a frenzy of zealots
a risk of gamblers 
a shout of protesters
a patch of vegetarians
a posturing of bullies
a mirror of conformists
a cover of liars

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Known as Camel Rock

Can you guess why?

just a lovely balcony

San Francisco de Asis

InTaos  It is the BACK off the church that is most famous from images by Georgia O'Keefe and Ansel Adams   But the parking lot was full of cars and we couldn't get the shot :(

ladder against adobe wall

Flowering Apricot

Outside our door at the B&B

Wind Sculptures

All over Santa Fe… aren't these the coolest??!!

Getting "artsy" with it

and more!

Stunning field of yellow flowers on trip home from Santa Fe