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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dream Pilot

the moon tumbles
into the refuse bin of morning
all dreams both large and small
contain a splinter
of truth, a chink of reality
which is why the comb 
seems to pull 
certain strands of light
from my hair as I blink
before the mirror
I spent the night flying--
a kite dragged across the sky
by an unseen string
dipping and curving, occasionally 
crashing back into my bed
in a dazed heap
of glowing sheets, luminous
I pick up my toothbrush
to be pulled up through the ceiling

Drawing Blood

This won’t hurt a bit, they tell you
as they strangle your arm 
with a rubber tourniquet,
 begin slapping your flesh
to raise a vein.
The needle is small, as if to say 
Don’t fear my bite 
but I always look away at that point
I know it will burn, 
know they will likely withdraw,
stick again,
It’s like that
Don’t be fooled by cliche promises
Eat your vegetables and you’ll grow up tall.
study hard and you’ll succeed,
cheaters never win
Why can’t they just tell you
you’ll be a pint low after this
but don’t worry
there’s always more blood where this came from

Monday, October 18, 2010

one more....

These are proving to be quite fun.

More "Fema Art"

Art in works

I am working on a full series of art poster images created from Fema markings  on walls of homes post-Katrina in New Orleans. I think it would be cool to create something beautiful out of something intrinsically ugly. Here is an example of what I am going for.

Sunflowers in Glass

Tuesday, October 05, 2010



Cold  hours
hugging the dark
Rainforest thunder, 
its grumbling bark
Morning runs barefoot
in the sleepwalk grasses
Sun thrusts fingers
through bird-studded branches
Dreams undress,
shed their meaning
I open my eyes
and hear the bread singing