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Monday, October 05, 2009

what comes first?

The old chicken or the egg question. Or in this case... the words or the idea? What drives your poetry? Personally I find that most often the words come first... before their meaning. Sometimes they are just disjointed phrases.. but I know I am on to something.

Today I went back to one of my old friends . the cut-up machine, in an effort to drag words into life, It is amazing how you can feed the thing a mixture of poetry, lyrics, advertisements, friend's emails, whatever and it will jumble them up so unrecognizably...then a few new phrases pop up that tickle the imagination. "fiddling religious" "human metaphors" "moon written" "breathing peace" "monkey ideas". Where is this leading? Who knows.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Endless Questions

Do these pants have pockets?

Pockets are very useful...

I could put my airplane in there

or some money if you give me some.

Why is broccoli green?

i don’t like to eat green stuff.

Apples are green but I like red ones better.

Red tastes nicer.

Did my mommy throw me up?

I was in her tummy with all her food.

I don’t like being all mixed with food.

How did I get out?

Can we ride the Jeep to the park?

I like to ride in a car with no top.

i like to look at the trees going by.

Why are the clouds following me?